Male vs Female


Males Make Great Pets too!

You would be shocked to find out how many people do not know that Male dogs sometimes make better pets than females do.

Males will usually not hike their legs to pee if neutered by 6-7 months of age.

People don't think females have alpha behaviors like marking or humping.  They believe females are nicer and attentive and do not participate in fighting over dominance. This is just not true. In a dog pack females rule. They determine the pecking order and they are who compete to maintain that order. As a result females are usually more independent, stubborn and territorial than the males. 

Most fights will usually break out between 2 females.

Males on the other hand are usually more affectionate, attentive and sometimes more demanding of attention. They are attached to their family. They tend to be more reliable and less moody. They are more outgoing, more accepting of other pets and take quicker to kids.

Most males are easily motivated by food (Yes I know shocker!!) and praise so they can be more eager to train. 

However, males can be more easily distracted during training, as males like to play often. Males are fun loving till the day they die.

Neutered males rarely exhibit behaviors such as humping, marking or lifting legs once testosterone levels decrease after neutering. If neutered early they usually don't ever raise a leg to urinate.

Males generally cost 1/2 the amount of money to be altered.

So don't discount a Male for a pet! Some of our best dogs have been Males!